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The WordPress Project Management 101 Roadmap


  • Why You Need Project Management Skills
  • Essential Project Management Processes
  • How to Save Your ROI with a Content-First Approach
  • How to Manage The Proposal Stage
  • How to Manage The Planning Stage
  • How to Manage The Execution Stage
  • How to Manage The Project Close
  • What's Next? - How to Implement What You've Learned

PLUS all the templates and done-for-you language you need to begin establishing repeatable processes to streamline your work and save your profit margin.

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The Complete Project Management Roadmap for WordPress


Everything in The WordPress Project Management 101 Roadmap PLUS a series of smaller, targeted Roadmaps:

  • Content Collection Roadmap
  • Scope Creep Elimination Roadmap
  • Client Acquisition Roadmap - taught by industry experts
  • Client Management Roadmap
  • Agency Productivity Roadmap
  • The Proposal Roadmap
  • Requirements Discovery Roadmap
  • Validation and Testing Roadmap

PLUS even more templates, cheat sheets, and guides that will put you on the “Fast Track” to project success.

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What to Expect

The WP Project Manager’s Academy is designed to give you the “Fast Track” to learning how to consistently get your WordPress projects completed on time, within budget, with the features that meet the client’s business requirements.

This training will allow you to finally abandon your fear or loathing of what you believe project management entails, open your mind to a different way of doing business, and pave the path for you to integrate a set of highly effective project management best practices into your WordPress business in just a few short days or weeks.

WordPress Project Management 101

All this for FREE when you join today!


  • Everything You Think You Know About Project Management But Probably Don't
  • Project and Productivity Management - The Same, Only Different
  • You Can't Manage Projects If You Don't Have Any - The Customer Acquisition Stage
  • How to Manage The Proposal Stage
  • How to Manage The Planning Stage
  • How to Manage The Execution Stage
  • How to Manage The Project Close
  • What's Next? - How to Implement What You've Learned


Representative sample only. There are lots more!

  • Pre-Proposal Questionnaire
  • 8 Questions You Need to Be Prepared to Answer - Even if the Client Doesn't Ask
  • Project Manager Self Evaluation Checklist
  • Annotated Proposal Outline
  • Project Planning Tool Shopping List
  • Website Specification Checklist
  • WordPress Project Team Roles and ResponsibilitiesTeam
  • Sample Change Control Process

What Our Students Say…

“I pitched a rough order of magnitude to a client before Christmas on a project that is upwards of 40K, had a callback today they questioned why the initial estimate was vague.

I told them how we employ a 2 step proposal process and how you will need to pay for us to to an SoW and all of the points you taught.

After this explanation, they understood why we can’t give a detailed Quote, but rather a ball park figure unless they engage us to dive deeper.

They are happy to proceed with the SoW without a fixed price either.”

Dustin Gray – PIXELBIRDTM – Australia

Caroline – WordCamp Asheville

Want more details on the Advanced Program?

Roadmap Overview

Mindsets and best practices for implementing the Roadmap processes plus the Roadmap Project Plan download.

12 Individual Roadmaps

Targeted to address common project problems and improve general project execution.

Ongoing Curated Content

From industry experts regarding productivity and improving general business management.

More specifically…

Problem Solving Roadmaps

Click the buttons to learn more about the Roadmaps that are currently included.

Content Collection

Stop the content collection bottleneck by providing better project estimates and completely automating the content collection process.

Scope Creep Elimination

Kill scope creep by setting the proper client expectations, invoking a GOOD change control procedure, and using the “magic” change budget.

Client Acquisition

Learn from industry experts, unique ways to find clients, how to get clients, charge more, establish recurring revenue, and more…

Release Target: March 24, 2020

Client Management

Improve client compliance by establishing  boundaries, setting proper expectations, and crafting the perfect contract.

Agency Productivity

Increase day-to-day agency efficiency by automating your business processes and applying productivity principles.

Release Target: March 17, 2020

Risks/Issues Management

Craft a plan to effectively deal with issues and risks and solidify proper client expectations by establishing a mitigation plan early in the process.

Release Target: April 2, 2020

Project Execution Roadmaps

The Proposal Roadmap

Learn what should and SHOULD NOT be in your proposal, how to automate the process, and apply best practices when presenting proposals to clients.

Discovery Roadmap

Get paid for the deep dive discovery activities, ensure you get ALL the requirements (the first time), and create a full website specification.

Release Target: March 17, 2020

Validation/Testing Roadmap

Improve quality by using test plans and an automated method for receiving feedback on design and testing.

Release Target: March 29, 2020

Continuous Improvement 

Get better at project management and productivity over time by adopting a continuous improvement process and best practices.

Release Target: TBD

Client Training Roadmap

Reduce support requests by crafting an effective training plan, ensuring proper client training, and outsourcing when necessary. 

Release Target: March 25, 2020

The Complete Roadmap Framework Manual

Download the Roadmap manual for later reference.

Release Target: TBD

But Wait!! There’s More…

Lessons and Ongoing Curated Content From Industry Experts

Click the photo for a brief intro to each subject matter expert.

James Rose

Agency Productivity

Content Collection

Mike Killen

Selling and Pricing

Finding Your Niche

Adam Warner

Increasing Productivity by

Automating Maintenance

Hans and Donata

Privacy/Legal Policies

Recurring Revenue

Brad Morrison

Increasing productivity by

Outsourcing Maintenance

Nathan Ingram

Client Management


Matthew Rodela

Websites as a Service (WaaS)

Recurring Revenue

Kristina Romero

Care/Maintenance Plans

Recurring Revenue

Robert Jacobi



Tricia Clements

Google My Business

Citation Management

Vito Peleg

Client Feedback and

Communication Management

Cliff Almeida

Web Audits

Recurring Revenue

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program right for me?

The WP Project Manager’s Academy is designed for anyone responsible for ensuring that WordPress projects are completed on time, within budget, with features that meet the client’s business objectives.

Whether you’re a large agency or individual WordPress solution provider or somewhere in between, if you’re struggling with retaining your project profit margin due to scope creep, missed requirements, missed deadlines, difficult clients, or general productivity, you will find value in this program.

If you are a newly-formed agency or just beginning with freelancing, many of the concepts taught in the program will help you get started on the right foot.

PLEASE NOTE: While the program is mostly non-technical in nature, at least an intermediate technical expertise in WordPress is assumed. So, this program may not be right for those just learning to use WordPress.

While other programs designed to improve your WordPress-based business touch on aspects of project management, no other program focuses on, nor teaches, core project management principles and best practices. The Complete Project Management Roadmap for WordPress is a project management framework intended to be customized based on your specific projects, customers, and the goals of your agency.

You don’t. That used to be a requirement because we wanted to make sure everyone was starting from the same basic knowledge base. Although it is STRONGLY recommended that you complete the PM101 Roadmap first, it is no longer required. You may study the lessons at any time and in any order.

When the entire Complete PM Roadmap for WP is uploaded, it will contain 12 individual Roadmaps each targeted to a specific problem or stage of the project life cycle.  Rather than make you wait until they are all uploaded, we are offering early enrollees the opportunity to lock in a super-low monthly rate to gain access to BOTH the PM101 Roadmap as well as The Complete Roadmap. This rate will increase as additional Roadmaps are uploaded. 

There is no easy answer here. It really just depends on how many lessons are in a particular Module or Roadmap and how much time you have available to go through the lessons. Most video lessons are under 15 minutes each. Most Roadmaps have 4-5 lessons each. Some have more. Then, you also have to calculate how much time you may spend trying out the processes I recommend.

As stated in our Terms of Service:

Subscription Products: We do not offer any full, partial, or pro-rated refunds on subscription products but you may cancel your subscription at any time.

Other Products: The refund policy for any other products that may be offered on the site will be clearly stated on the purchase page and you will be asked to agree to the policy prior to completing your purchase.

Yes. You may cancel your subscription at any time. When you cancel, you will retain access to The Complete Roadmap and other features of the Premium Membership until the end of the currently paid month. If you choose to re-join at a later time, you will be charged at the publicly published subscription rate at the time you elect to re-join.

It depends on how badly you need the problem-solving Roadmaps in the advanced program. You can certainly wait, take your time going through the PM101 Roadmap, and upgrade to a Premium membership later. But, because the rate will continue to increase as Roadmaps are added, you may end up paying more when you upgrade than if you join today.

Yes, to an extent. As an active, paid Premium Member of the WP Project Manager’s Academy, you may download and use the templates, tools, cheat sheets, and any other download available from the program for use in your own agency or practice for the benefit of your clients. You may NOT however copy, alter, repackage, sell, or otherwise use the materials for your own personal profit.



** this price will increase when the timer runs out **

The WordPress Project Management 101 Roadmap

$ 0


  • How to begin crafting and implementing repeatable processes that...
  • ...streamline your business and...
  • ...allows you to hold on to more of your project profits.
  • Templates and sample language for your project documents, worksheets, and cheat sheets, and checklists
  • Implementation guides

The Complete Project Management Roadmap for WordPress

$ 29 Monthly
  • Cancel Anytime
  • The WordPress Project Management 101 Roadmap
  • Advanced Roadmaps targeted to address a specific problem or stage of the project management life cycle
  • More templates and done-for-you project documents, tools, and demos
  • Ongoing, curated content regarding project and productivity management from industry Subject Matter Experts

Copyright 2020 – WP Roadmaps and Coaching – All Rights Reserved

  • 1. Crafting a Content-First Approach That Works
  2. Sample Internal Content Collection Process
  3. Sample Client-Facing Content-First Approach Description
  4. Client Expectations Guide (for Content)
  • 2. Considering Content in the Project Estimate
  2. Pre-Proposal Questionnaire Template (2020)
  3. Our ROM Estimating Spreadsheet
  • 3. Using Layouts to Validate Content
  2. Instructions for installing our Elementor Wireframes Template
  3. Our Elementor Wireframes Template
  • 4. Automating the Content Collection Process
  2. Content Snare Setup Checklist
  3. Reminder Schedule Worksheet
  4. Content Snare Field types Cheat Sheet
  • 5. Implementing Your Content Collection Process
  2. Sample Internal Content Collection Process
  3. Sample Client-Facing Content-First Approach Description
  4. Client Expectations Guide (for Content)
  • 1. Preparing the Process(es) Surrounding Change Management
  1. Lessons
  2. Prevent Scope Creep by Embracing Change
  3. Create Your Change Control Documents 
  4. Change and Acceptance Management (2 P’s in a Pod)
  5. Educate the Client Regarding Change
  2. Agency Change Management Process
  3. Change Control Procedure Example
  4. Change Request Form Template
  5. Change Request Log Template
  6. Agency Acceptance Management Process
  7. Acceptance Procedure Example
  8. Deliverable Acceptance Form Template
  9. Project Acceptance Form Template
  10. Client Expectations Guide – for Change
  • 2. Automating Change Control
  1. Lessons
  2. The Value of Templates
  3. Zapping the Change Control Form
  2. List of Academy Templates with Locations
  • 3. Implementing Change Control Processes
  1. Lessons
  2. 4 Tasks to Implementing Your Change Control Processes
  2. Change Management – Implementation Checklist
  • 1. Understanding Clients
  1. Lessons
  2. The Importance of Positioning
  3. Building Fences Around Friendly Monsters
  4. How to Stop the Disappearing Client
  1. Download
  2. Client Management Plan Template
  • 2. Managing Clients
  1. Lessons
  2. Settng proper Client Expectations
  3. Elements of an Effective Contract
  4. Dealing with Difficult Clients
  5. The Client from Hell
  • 1. Complete the Proposal Questionnaire
  1. Lessons
  2. 1. Proposal Best Practices
  3. 2. Completing the Questionnaire for Triad Family Law
  2. Proposal Best Practices
  3. Initial Discovery Best Practices Checklist
  4. Pre-Proposal Questionnaire
  • 2. Create the Estimate
  1. Lessons
  2. 1. Why the Pad is Bad and Other Estimating Best Practices
  3. 2. Estimating Demo – Triad Family Law
  2. Estimating Best Practices Checklist
  3. Roadmap Project Plan with Estimating Sheet
  • 3. Creating the Initial Proposal
  1. Lessons
  2. 1. Presenting Your Proposal and Contract
  3. 2. Proposal Section Walkthrough
  4. 3. Proposal Walkthrough with Triad Family Law
  2. Proposal Pre-Flight Checklist
  3. Example Language for WordPress Proposals
  4. Sample Proposal for Triad Family Law