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Introducing the WP Project Manager's Academy

Here's what You Will Learn:

Everything You Think You Know About WordPress Project Management (But Probably Don’t)

The Difference Between Project and Productivity Management (and how they are related)

Six Productivity Principles for WordPress Project Success

Client Acquisition – Where and How to Find WordPress Website Clients 

How a Content-First Approach Can Save Your ROI

Best Practices for Crafting and Presenting Your Proposal

How to Properly Plan a WordPress Project

The Essential Management Processes for WordPress Project Success

Methods for Establish Recurring Revenue After the Website Launch

Templates, Checklists, and Cheat Sheets to Kick-Start Your Project Management Skills

And more…

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The WP Project Manager’s Academy is designed to give you the “Fast Track” to learning how to consistently get your WordPress projects completed on time, within budget, with the features that meet the client’s business requirements.

This training will allow you to finally abandon your fear or loathing of what you believe project management entails, open your mind to a different way of doing business, and pave the path for you to integrate a set of highly effective project management best practices into your WordPress business in just a few short days or weeks.

Imagine what it will feel like when you are:

winning more projects,

getting them ALL completed on time and under budget,

have truly satisfied clients who will refer you to others,

and holding on to MORE of your profit dollars!

THAT’S what awaits you when you complete the training inside The WP Project Manager’s Academy!

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Initial Release

WordPress Project Management 101

As of 12/26/2019, when you join, you will get immediate access to Modules 1 – 7. Module 8 is scheduled to be uploaded before December 31. 

When fully uploaded, the 101 program will consist of:


  • Everything You Think You Know About Project Management But Probably Don't
  • Project and Productivity Management - The Same, Only Different
  • You Can't Manage Projects If You Don't Have Any - The Customer Acquisition Stage
  • How to Manage The Proposal Stage
  • How to Manage The Planning Stage
  • How to Manage The Execution Stage
  • How to Manage The Project Close
  • What's Next? - How to Implement What You've Learned


Representative sample only. There are lots more!

  • Pre-Proposal Questionnaire
  • 8 Questions You Need to Be Prepared to Answer - Even if the Client Doesn't Ask
  • Project Manager Self Evaluation Checklist
  • Annotated Proposal Outline
  • Project Planning Tool Shopping List
  • Website Specification Checklist
  • WordPress Project Team Roles and ResponsibilitiesTeam
  • Sample Change Control Process
Beth is amazing at all of this y'all. I'm a client of hers and her techniques work great for the client. And for the record my house renovations budget was completely shot... hahaha.... but Beth's budgeting and estimates for my website project were spot on. She made it super easy for us to get our website built. It was one of the smoothest processes I've been involved with. 
Jen J.
Your Content Collection Roadmap first module was really useful. I particularly liked repayment restructuring and never starting development before content is ready. Most important was setting clients' expectations and communication, and your survey questionnaire is helpful, too.
Steve B.
Agency Owner

And Here’s What to Look Forward To…

Future Release - EARLY 2020

The Complete Project Management Roadmap for WordPress


This New version of The Complete Project Management Roadmap for WordPress is a series of smaller roadmaps so you can target your learning to the struggles you are having RIGHT NOW!

With guest lessons by well-known experts in Client Management, Recurring Revenue, Sales Funnels, Maintenance and Care Plans, and more…


  • Client Acquisition Roadmap
  • Agency Productivity Roadmap
  • Client Management Roadmap
  • Proposal Management Roadmap
  • Requirements Discovery Roadmap
  • Scope Creep Elimination Roadmap
  • No-Delay Content Collection Roadmap
  • Client Training Roadmap
  • Continuous Improvement Roadmap


Representative sample only. There are lots more!

  • Estimating Process Cheat Sheet
  • Change Request form template
  • Sample Proposal Process Description
  • Sample Content Approach Description
  • Deliverable Acceptance form template
  • Project Acceptance form template
  • Training Approach Description
  • Training Validation form template
  • Best Practice Implementation Checklist

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