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Using Technical Web Audits to Generate Leads

When was the last time you heard about a new way for your agency to earn money, generate new leads, and flex your knowledge and skills?

Today might be that day!

This week we had the opportunity to hear from Shanta Nathwani, full stack developer and Project Liaison Manager over at CodeableHQ. Teacher, problem-solver, and WordPress’ deadliest female fighter, Shanta’s perfecting the art of tech auditing as she conquers the world of WordPress.

We got to learn about the benefits of the tech audit as a lead generator and revenue source from someone who’s making a name for herself from it.

What is a Technical Web Audit?

A technical web audit —”tech audit”, for short—is basically described by the expression, “see something, say something”, but with other companies’ websites. In the case of a tech audit, we can add another line to the expression—”See something, say something, sell something!”

It’s not quite a cold call, but it’s a way to diagnose problems with sites in your target client base, letting them know that you not only know what’s making their sites buggy, but that you’ve got the skills to solve the problems.

I’m not going to spoil the fun of the video by giving away all of the details—you’ve got to get all of the hard facts straight from the source!— but here are some of my impressions from my chat with Shanta.

1. Work on perfecting your client approach strategy.

You, I, and every single other person with a website already has a bucketload of spam in their inbox, promising to “improve their SEO today”, or what have you. You are not a spam emailer—don’t let a weak approach let you be confused for one.

Instead, spend significant time developing your subject lines, opening lines, and dialogue; it’s crucial to establish confidence and trust with your potential client. You are legitimately trying to help them, no viruses attached. You know that, and I know that, but others won’t be so convinced.

2. Focus on what you do well, and use the rest to strengthen your network and relationships.

Shanta was really adamant about the fact that she’s not a developer, and she’s not an SEO specialist. She is able to diagnose problems within a website, research, and intervene, going through the backend of the site without interfering in the original design.

This is so important to establish. When you’re generating leads through tech audits, your goal is not to show potential clients that you can do everything under the sun. It’s to show them that you can help them, and that you’ll do a damn good job of it!

3. You don’t have to take on every client that comes your way, even if your agency hasn’t quite picked up steam yet.

Shanta and I are completely on the same page here. No matter what your agency is going through, you’ve absolutely got to make sure that you’re taking on clients that a) interest you, b) will pay you, and c) are relatively comfortable to work with.

4. Your non-technical problem-solving skills are also an asset.

There’s no doubt that Shanta is a superior problem-solver—looking for problems to create her tech audits is what she does best! But Shanta is adamant that her tech-related skills aren’t the only ones that help her land contracts and clients.

Whether you’re generating leads through tech audits or finding a way to upgrade your current clients’ experience, you have to use everything in your toolbelt to make the best suggestions possible.. Sometimes, that means good old-fashioned perception and logic to understand your clients’ needs and problems better. Don’t be afraid to show them what you’ve got if it means sealing the deal!

It was amazing to learn through Shanta today, and I’d love to hear if you’ve already started using tech audits to draw in clients, or if this is your first time exploring the idea.

Helping other agency owners find and help their clients—what an awesome concept.

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