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Where Core Web Vitals Fit in Your SEO Strategy with Mike Gburski

The party never stops with our Academy students! This week we had the opportunity to hear from Michael “Mike” Gburski, founder of JadeFire Development.

Mike’s a truly wonderful soul who focuses primarily on helping nonprofit organizations stand out and share what they believe in across the Web. On top of being a self-proclaimed “Difference-Maker” and “Catalyst for Good”, Mike is an absolute whiz at conquering the ins and outs of SEO—and everything that goes along with it.

In this CWT episode, Mike got down to the nitty gritty of using Core Web Vitals to you and your clients’ advantage. 

Why are Core Web Vitals, Vital?

Core web vitals use UX (user experience) to help determine a site’s ranking on Google and other search engines. In layman’s terms, that means that, the easier to use that your clients’ site is, the more likely it is to appear higher in search results.

You absolutely need to see Mike’s examples and demonstrations of using Core Web Vitals to optimize your sites—there’s not one part of our chat in which I didn’t learn something new, and there were several excellent questions from our group members that led to great discussions. In the meantime, here are some major concepts that we should consider.

Things to Remember about Core Web Vitals

  • Never underestimate the power or potency of SEO—but remember that it’s just part of a bigger picture.

Mike made a point of saying that not only is SEO—search engine optimization—crucial for the status of your clients’ sites, but it’s also a great source of recurring revenue as an agency owner, especially in a period of downturn.

At the same time, he stressed that it’s not even close to the only thing a site needs to climb the search result ladder.

There are hundreds of factors that determine whether a site gets seen or not, and it’s impossible to check off every box. That’s why Core Web Vitals can give you a leg up! Try to explore multiple factors that will give your site, and your clients’ sites, an advantage.

  • Assess your clients’ mobile site and revamp it ASAP.

New data is coming out every day on the amount that we access certain sites on our mobile devices versus our desktop browsers, and the disparity is growing. That’s why Core Web Vitals depend heavily on mobile data experience, which can help—or really hurt—your clients.

Especially if you’re working with older clients or a smaller operation, there’s a high probability that they’ve put more effort into the desktop version of their site and left their mobile version in the dust. Check it out, assess the damage, and get it updated now.

  • Triage the areas where you need to improve your UX.    

You cannot get your clients’ whole site up to the standards of positive Core Web Vitals at the same—Rome wasn’t built in a day! That being said, there are probably some quick fixes, and others that are more complicated. There are also certain areas of your clients’ site that will have a bigger and more immediate impact, according to their vitals.

As you begin your planning and communicate your goals with the client, make sure that you’re taking a hard look at how you prioritize your site updates. Remember that immediately positive results can be the difference between glowing recommendations and client frustrations. 

  • Don’t let “perfect” be the enemy of “good”.

Mike and I are far from the first ones to say this, but I think that this was one of his points that resonated with me the most. It would be outstanding to bring all of the changes that your Core Web Vitals suggested to their optimal points, but it’s also really unlikely. It doesn’t mean that you’re making any less of a positive difference in how your clients’ sites come up in search results.

We are so incredibly blessed to have such talented members in our group that can share their ideas with you—it’s amazing how much we can grow when we help each other grow.

I was really a bit blown away by what Mike shared, and I’m definitely going to put those tips that he gave us to good use. I hope you found this helpful too.

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