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Finally abandon your fear or loathing of what you believe project management entails, open your mind to a different way of doing business, and pave your path for integrating a set of highly effective project management best practices into your WordPress business in just a few short days or weeks. The WP Project Manager’s Academy is the “Fast Track” to becoming a better project manager and getting paid fairly for all you do.

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8 Reasons Clients Don't Deliver Content on Time and What to Do About It

Getting content from your client on time is the most common cause of PROJECT DELAYS. And… delayed projects always means DELAYED PAYMENTS. This can do a seriously number on your cash flow. In this masterclass I show you how to keep that from happening. #SaveYourROI

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How to STOP Scope Creep on WordPress Projects by Embracing Change

Scope creep, by far, is the NUMBER ONE problem that sucks the profit margin out of your project. In this video I share with you the most effective, proven strategy for embracing and managing change to finally get rid of the Scope Creep Monster on your WordPress projects FOREVER!

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How to Outshine Your WordPress Competition in the coming year

Your WordPress competition is fiercer than ever and will get worse in 2021. In this free, on-demand masterclass, I will explain why your development and design skills are NO LONGER ENOUGH. and what you can do to set yourself apart in our exploding market.

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