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How to Find Care Plan Clients with Kristina Romero

Introducing Kristina Romero and Her Approach

Interviewing Kristina Romero, a seasoned web developer and agency owner, offered some valuable insights into finding and retaining care plan clients. Kristina’s wealth of experience and innovative strategies prove instrumental in building a thriving business around website care plans.

Taking on Complex Projects and Automation

Kristina vividly recalls her early experience with a client who was previously handled by another hosting company. “They had let her website go for six months without updates because they were afraid they were going to break something, and they didn’t know how to fix it,” she shares. Kristina, however, took the bull by the horns, promising her client that not only would she update the website, but she would also fix any issues that might arise in the process.

The Four Pillars of Acquiring Care Plan Clients

Kristina’s dedication to understanding the basics of care plans has allowed her to develop an effective strategy. Her aim is to make things logical, formulaic, and predictable. To accomplish this, she boiled down four standard operating procedures for acquiring new care plan clients: getting referrals from your existing clients, reaching out to cold contacts, converting past clients onto care plans, and raising prices for current clients.

The Power of Tools and Resources

Tools and resources are critical in this process. Kristina provides a plethora of materials, including full email copy, video training, and an Airtable base template. While these resources were initially foreign to some of her clients, they soon recognized the power of these tools and began to integrate them into their own workflow.

Navigating the Challenges of Cold Outreach

When asked about the most challenging method of acquiring clients, Kristina is quick to respond: “Cold outreach is by far the hardest.” However, it’s still included in her course because of frequent requests from clients. Building relationships, as Kristina highlights, is crucial when offering care plans. This means, to succeed with cold outreach, you might have to start with offering other services like fixing problems or conducting SEO audits.

Building Connections through Local Events

Finally, Kristina shares one of her favorite pieces of advice for those looking to expand their client base – attend local events. She says, “Go to the farmer’s market.” It’s about building connections, strengthening relationships, and letting potential clients see the value you can provide. It’s these relationships that can make all the difference in finding and retaining care plan clients.

The Importance of a Genuine Bond and Outreach Strategy

Kristina elaborated on the importance of attending local events like farmer’s markets, where potential clients are already gathered. “Buy their stuff,” Kristina suggests. Even if you’re buying a bar of handmade soap or a jar of homemade jam, you’re making a connection with that vendor. It’s about creating a genuine bond by showing interest in their product. This approach could also work for other types of markets – not just for farms, but for artisans, crafters, clothing sellers, and more.

Learning and Growing through Training Courses

To help with these challenges, Kristina teamed up with fellow expert, Cliff, to offer training courses. These programs complement each other, providing knowledge on both care plans and the art of a website audit. This training can be particularly valuable for those who are hesitant about the manual work involved in website audits. As Kristina points out, you can use tools that evaluate websites’ status, and based on the results, decide whether you want to tackle the issues or refer them to someone else.


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