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Making Your New Year’s Resolutions an Agency Improvement Project

Everyone loves making New Year’s resolutions, only to be disappointed by February when they haven’t stuck. Whether it’s losing weight, dropping a bad habit, or starting a new venture, it’s tough to maintain our new year’s goals through December of the next year.  

Let’s face it: without motivation, and without a concrete plan, most resolutions and goals lack staying power. That’s true for goals made on January first or November first.

But what if you could use the principles that you’re already using for success with your WordPress projects to point yourself and your agency in the right direction this year?

It all comes down to a little change in perspective. This time, 2021 is the project, and you’re the client.

Way back in Episode 22 of Can We Talk, we spoke about using the 6 Productivity Principles. They’re an excellent guide for ensuring that your projects get done – work projects or otherwise.

Whether you’ve already used the 6 Principles with your clients, or you’re just getting started now, keep reading and watch this video for more the tips to apply them to your latest project— this new year – Continuous Improvement for Your Agency.

Tips for Your Agency Improvement Project

  • Start with a brain dump.

Think about all of the things you want to accomplish with your agency in 2021. Get them out in the open. Then get to deciding what you want most to accomplish.

  • Break down and group your tasks together, then prioritize them.

First, figure out if what you’d like to do this year can fit into what you can comfortably accomplish and afford. Then, prioritize the tasks that will get you to your goal faster.

  • Stay true to what you can do.

As people working within a fast-paced, constantly changing industry, it can be really tempting to pick up the latest trend and think of it as a cure for your current woes. But remember—if you’re not already trained or apt to do whatever you’re pursuing, it can end up costing you money, time, and energy, rather than making it.

  • Establish communication boundaries with your clients

These past two years have taught us a lot about the benefits of working out of an office space, but it’s brought another challenge—nebulous work schedules and constant availability. Make sure to put your sanity first this year and establish communication boundaries this year! 

  • Seek help organizing if you need it

There are tons of excellent resources that can help you if you’re having trouble finding the organization and motivation you need, including blogs, coaches, and ebooks. Reach out if you’d like some recommendations, or to see if we’d be a good match.

  • And, most importantly: Do what you love!

Life’s too short to be stuck doing something that doesn’t get you fired up for the day. 

While motivation isn’t all that it takes to build a successful agency, it sure goes a long way in helping you define and meet your goals.

Now go out there and make 2021 the best year for your agency yet!

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